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Create Fillet Center Line

How can a center line be created for a fillet surface? 
Also, how can a ridge line be created for a pin angle?



Do you create many points that pass the center of a fillet, rounded surface, and connect them through the use of line/curve?

Do you create surfaces that meet each other to create a ridge of a pin angle?


On such an occasion

specify 'Fillet line' in the field of Extraction type in the palette window of the "CrvOnSrf_CrvExtract" command. 

A center line or a ridge line that represents a pin angle can be created easily in the palette window.


Specify 'Fillet line' in this palette window. Hit a subject fillet surface. 

This simple process enables an easy creation of a center line as well as a ridge line of a pin angle (referred to as 'Line of intersection' in the palette window).

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