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CAE-MOLD presents a collection of seamlessly integrated CAD and CAE functions.

It enables designers to use CAD data as they are on the CAD display without professional CAE skills and knowledge.

CAE-MOLD supports designers by reducing design lead time and improving mold qualities, due to the capabilities of mold cooling analysis and mold deflection analysis.


  • The "Transform_Warpage" commands

Some spots of a model where much heat resides resist to cooling down. This command enables users to foresee such heat spots that may take time in the cooling phase.


  • The "MoldCoolingAnalysis" commands

The validity of number of cooling pipes and assignment positions thereof is verified in the designing phase of cooling pipe placement. The analytical results can be saved and used for easy comparison with other results and confirmation.


  • The "StressAnalysis" commands

The validity of thickness of plates as well as number of support pillars and assignment position thereof can be verified. Deflection degree, displacement magnitude, and concentrated load can be also confirmed.

This command enables users to save analysis results as the 'MoldCoolingAnalysis' command does, and thus users can compare and confirm the results easily.

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