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PRESS-MOTION is a user-friendly tool that analyzes the data transfer status of production process (hereinafter also referred to as 'Press Line').

It enables users to analyze the motions of dies and check interferences in multiple production processes. It is capable of reducing significantly interferences in the production processes.


  • Transfer Analysis by the Unit of Press Line

PRESS-MOTION enables assignment and placement of die data at multiple die manufacturing phases, and also reproduction of movements relating to parts' transfers.


  • Interference check

PRESS-MOTION detects the locations where dynamic interferences are caused among parts when they are placed in a die and while they are transferred.

It is capable of listing the detection results and displaying temporary figures that indicate the interference positions.

The list can be (collectively) output in the CSV format with images.


  • Transfer Settings

This tool enables users to operate by the unit of object the two types of parts: dynamic parts and transferable parts.

Users can make easy settings about movement and transfer of parts by inputting their elements into objects.

Parts whose movements can be set (except upper dies and lower dies)

Upper/lower blank holder, pad, ground cam, flying cam, ground double cam,
collapsible rotary cam (slider contact movement type, air cylinder movement type),
counter cam, pad-embedded cam, air cylinder, spring lifter, retractable gauge,
slide gauge, pre-holding push pin, Hem unit (single link, parallel link, 2-fulcra link)
(Frequently executed commands: the "Movement_Linear" command, the "SetMovement_Rotate" command)

Mechanism used for transferrable parts
Transfer Press (Finger-type, Crossbar-type)


  • Other Features

Video output (AVI, WMV)

Output of interference curves

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