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DENKYOKU-CAM provides a one-stop support for all the phases from CAM calculation through to interference check after NC output.

This is enabled by an intuitive operation of dragging attribute data that have been assigned to electrode models and dropping them to a machining DB.

Due to collective operations for multiple electrode shapes, users can easily create Machining Center (M/C) data of electrode.


  • Operation of Machining Attributes

Attribute information for collective CAM calculation can be assigned to electrode models that have been arbitrarily created. The assignment is performed automatically, provided that DENKYOKU-CAD has been utilized. The assigned attribute information can be confirmed and edited.

  • Indication of machining areas through simple operations (enabled by executing the function of specifying member surfaces)
  • Indication of specific areas (enabled by executing the function of specifying any specific number of surfaces)


  • Collective CAM Calculation

Multiple electrode models can be collectively specified in order to create automatically CAM data and NC data, provided that the attribute data have been assigned.

  • A database pertaining to machining can be created by CADmeister/CAM.
  • An easy operation of dragging and dropping list data is enabled.
  • Calculation is made through background processing, and thus needs no waiting time.
  • Once output, NC data definitely have no interference.

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