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Full-Mold CAM supports the full-mold processing of a Structure (ferrous die of accepting a press die 'Insert') through the use of 3D solid models.

This tool reduces delivery periods and costs and improves mold quality by executing the commands dedicated for the full-mold processing of a Structure.

They include commands for examining margins for cutting, checking sectionally split shapes, and calculating paths per slice surface.


  • Considerations of Margin

Margins are automatically considered and embedded into solid models, upon specifying a margin amount for each shape attribute or for each element color. This will prevent margins from dropping out of consideration.


  • Sectional Split

The positions for sectional split can be confirmed by checking the sectional split in real time, before executing the command of division.


  • Collective Calculation of Paths

The capability of automatic understanding of shapes helps users by saving the trouble of specifying each processing area when executing commands for path calculation such as: processing flat surfaces, tilting surfaces, and curved surfaces. Relevant paths for the shape can be calculated by indicating any shape.


  • Full-Mold CAM-specific Capabilities of Editing Paths

There is a feature for creating bolsters which keep the strength of material when machining the external side. Also, there is a simple NC verification function that automatically removes the portions where interferences are caused by a tool holder.


  • CATIA V5 Optional Capability of Attribute Data Input

This capability detects and imports the attributes that correspond to each element color when importing CATIA v 5 data. The imported attributes can be used in order to simplify the process of creating margins and execute the command for automatic and collective calculation of paths.

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