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This system automatically processes a subject area on the basis of the characteristics data of press machining. It also automatically creates paths for the primary machining of a Structure, ferrous die of receiving a press die 'insert'.

The paths have been standardized through the use of knowledge database.

Furthermore, the capability of optimizing the processing sequence enables users to rearrange the NC (numerical control) output sequence pursuant to specified rules (about processing sequences and replacement of tools).

Users can also segmentalize the NC output order through the use of tool life.



This system automatically processes specified areas based on the characteristics data of processing. It also automatically creates reliable and highly efficient machining paths in order to standardize, automate and optimize the machining of a Structure.


  • The "ConvertMachiningFeature" command

Processing characteristics can be assigned collectively to the Shading Colors (RGB values) specified in an external file.


  • Specification of Machining Areas

The system enables users to set as 'Machining Part' the data such as: areas subject to processing, decisive factors for phase schedules, and margins.


  • Creation of Machining Paths by Executing the "Automatic Machining design" Command

Optimum processing procedures, tools, and processing conditions can be automatically decided based on the data of Knowledge Database.

Paths/routes that do not cause interferences can be created on the basis of the understanding of the surrounding shapes.

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