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Top and below surface separation

A panel part of a solid model consists of an obverse surface, a reverse surface and the in-between zone having a thickness. 
The three types of data are almost always integrated in the form of panel. 
When you wish to use only the obverse side data, you need to remove the in-between and reverse side and transfer them to other layers.



For the situations above

An easy way to release the obverse surface is to execute the "Separate" command and specify ‘Tangent’ in the palette window of the command.

  • If the elements of a solid model have been disintegrated, execute the "CompSrf_Connect" subcommand of the tool bar of 'Surface' in order to integrate them.

  • Execute the "CompSrf_Separate" subcommand of the tool bar of 'Surface'.

  • Specify a subject part of the solid model and right-click in order to display a context menu. Choose [Tangent] in the context menu.

  • Enter '89°' in the column of 'Angle tolerance (degree)'.

  • And, the presence of obverse surface is expressly indicated by the red dotted lines in the above figure.
    The obverse side is positioned on the top side of the in-between part.

  • Center-click on the obverse surface and release it.

  • Execute the "Layer" command in order to transfer to any other layers the elements that have been left behind.


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