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This is a tool for confirming the attribute information that has been assigned to 3D CAD data.

It is capable of meeting the requirements of data use at actual manufacturing sites as well as dimensional measurement, creation of 2D drawings, and interference checks.

Also, it inherits part attributes and processing characteristics data and uses the data, provided that they are designed by CADmeister/PRESS.

This tool can fulfill various types of requirements such as design, processing, assembly and testing.


  • Key Features

This tool enables users to input 3D die models and attribute data that have been output by CADmeister.

It also enables them to display and use the data.

  • CADmeister-LITE supports various formats such as IGES/JAMA, DXF and STL.
  • The whiteboard feature of this tool enables users to enter comments as if writing by hand.


  • Interference Check

This tool enables a static interference check.


  • Part Attributes

The information that should be output in a part list can be displayed.


  • Listing Part Attributes

This tool displays a list of data that should be output in a part list.


  • Processing Characteristics

This tool displays the processing characteristics that have been assigned to 3D die models.


  • Creation of Drawings

This tool enables a creation of 2D drawings based on the data of 3D die model.

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