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FORM-EX enables users to shorten a delivery time.

It can quickly and highly precisely perform the characteristic patterns of press die forming, confirm the accuracy of anticipated deformation amounts, confirm an empty-weight deflection, and model by considering the anticipated deformation amounts, the characteristics of materials and STL figures.

(Note that the empty-weight deflection is needed for checking interference of panel parts against die parts when panel parts are transferred.)



Commands for Forming and Modelling

  • The "Pres_Form_Twist" command

This command enables designers to twist the original surface by a torsion degree that has been figured out on the basis of forming simulation and panel measurement. This process can be performed through simple input operations.


  • The "Pres_Form_Twist" command through the use of STL figure

Provided that a surface subject to deformation consists of STL data, even if the calculated torsion magnitude is insufficient, this command can dynamically and automatically fill in the missing area of STL data, and thus enables the creation of natural torsion over the entire original surface.


Commands for Forming and the Forming Accuracy

  • The "Spring back" command

This command enables a simultaneous creation of Bead geometry and detailed figures thereof through simple operations. The detailed figures will be attached to drawings.


  • The "OverCrown" command

This command enables a user to transform figures only by specifying an empty-weight deflection of panel and a deflection of die.


  • The "FillingLargeHole" command

This command enables holes to be filled up through simple sophisticated operations of taking into considerations characteristics of materials.


  • Command for Surface Extension


Confirmation of Transportation

  • The "CAE_SelfWeightDeflection" command

This command enables a creation of empty-weight deflection through simple input operations. Empty-weight deflection needs to be considered for transportation.

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