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Top and below surface separation

A panel part of a solid model consists of an obverse surface, a reverse surface and the in-between zone having a thickness. The three types of data are almost always integrated in the form of panel. When you wish to use only the obverse side data, you need to remove the in-between and reverse side and transfer them to other layers.

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Fill Hole

There are holes that need to be filled in. The "Frame Surface" command is bothersome. It requires boundary lines to be input. How can pentagonal or polygonal holes be filled in?

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Modeling boundary lines

When you perform a modelling of boundary lines, haven’t you suffered the unexpected result that the boundary lines have been divided and shorter than you intended?

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Create Fillet Center Line

Do you create many points that pass the center of a fillet, rounded surface, and connect them through the use of line/curve? Do you create surfaces that meet each other to create a ridge of a pin angle?

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Create Line perpendicular from surface

Haven’t you wished to use a normal of a surface when you create sub-coordinates or perform a projection? However, the "CreLine_PntSrfPerpen" command will create an infinite straight line. It is troublesome to trim the line afterwards.

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Shape comparison

There was a change in the design. I have had a design before the change and after the change. However, they do not specify the change.

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