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CAM3D creates data for machining curved surfaces of 3D CAD models that consist of surfaces as well as solids.

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Basic Function of CAM (DB)

CADmeister/CAM provides operational modes for skillful expert users and beginners.

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Basic Function of CAM (NC)

Capabilities of creating NC Data that support '3-axis machining devices' , 'Table 5-axis machining devices' , and 'Attachment 5-axis machining devices' are provided.

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CAM2D is capable of seamlessly integrating the features of CAD and CAM systems. It enables users out in the manufacturing field to create 2D machining paths which

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CAMEDIT has various types of editing capabilities. It enables users to edit paths highly efficiently through easy operations. are used for the commands of 'Profile Machining' , 'Pocket Machining' , and 'Hole Machining' through simple operations.

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CAM-DX supports high-speed and high-quality machining methods as well as the conventional machining methods. Thus, CAM-DX can respond to a wide variety of users' needs.

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CAM-ADV enables work flows without wastes and reworks, provided that it is operated as an add-on function for CADmeiser/CAM.

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CAM-STL creates paths on the basis of STL figures such as measurement results and models that consist of combinations of surfaces and solids.

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3DPROFILE has various 3D capabilities of machining and interference prevention. It supports automatic profile machining from preliminary rough processing through to finishing.

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CAM-STRUCTURE is capable of creating data for machining a ferrous die for accepting a press die through simple operations on solid data. (Note that the ferrous die is referred to as a 'Structure' and the press die is referred to as an 'Insert'.) CAM-STRUCTURE improves the precision of machining a Structure and reduces workloads.

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FM-CAM2 is a support tool for processing full-mold models through an effective use of 3D solid models.

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CAM-ATTRIBUTE automatically creates and standardizes data for hole machining based on the 2D/3D attribute data and geometric data that have been assigned for hole machining.

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