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Yahagi Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Aichi, Japan)

Yahagi Sangyo Co., Ltd. has been a plastic molding manufacturer for more than 70 years, and is working to strengthen itself into a proposal-based company based on its solid technological capabilities cultivated over many years. Participating from the customer's product design stage, the company is strengthening its “design-in” activities, such as presenting technical requirements for molding and molds and proposing cost reductions.
Design-in has been in full swing for more than 10 years, and that led to a review of core CAD as a technology review tool.
This section introduces the activities from the use of CAD, which mainly involves the exchange of customer data and confirmation of the shape of the customer until then, and the introduction of CADmeister, which has an advantage in terms of molding and mold technology, which is essential for design-in correspondence.


Yahagi Sangyo Co., Ltd.


 15-1 Arako, Hishiike, Oda, Kota-cho, Nada-gun, Aichi
[Nishio Plant]
 55-1 Rokutan, Shimohanomachi, Nishio-shi, Aichi



Mr.Toshihiko Yamamoto, Die Engineering Dept. (right)

Ms. Kitajima,Dept. Die Engineering Dept., Die Engineering Dept.(left)


User Introduction

Yahagi Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in plastic parts (thermoplastic resin, thermosetting resin), which mainly manufactures and sells products from mold design for automotive-related parts.
Compete with competitors in high-quality, short-term die production and parts production, including integrated support from trial production to mass production, in-house production of high-quality dies using 3D data and CAE analysis, and an inspection system that can handle all measurements. Is trying to differentiate.
It has production bases in the United States, Thailand and China, as well as in Japan, and is responding to globalization. In terms of mold production performance, it boasts an average of 200 to 300 molds / year.
On May 6, 2019, the Nishio Factory started operation as a factory that added the mold department, which had been relocated from the Okazaki Factory, the measurement department, and the logistics department. We aim to launch new products more quickly by enhancing the mold department.
This time, we talked to Mr. Yamamoto, Manager of Die Engineering Department, Nishio Plant, and Mr. Kitajima, Technical Section, Die Engineering Division of the Nishio Plant.



 Before introduction

・ We introduced the same CAD as our customers and exchanged product data, but mainly focused on checking product shapes.
 For this reason, confirmation of the molding requirements and adjustment with the customer became insufficient, and extra man-hours and costs were required for rework and correction of the mold.
-When examining the feasibility of product data, if you do not check it after dividing it on 3D data, there will be omission of examination.
 The standard specifications of other companies' CADs had limited functionality, and in some cases it was difficult to type on 3D data.


 After introduction

・ After introducing CADmeister, not only check the shape of the product data but also check the molding and mold requirements on the 3D data.
 By adjusting requirements with customers and mold manufacturers using 3D data, it was possible to conduct quick and accurate technical studies.
・ Digitalization can be performed on 3D data, and it is now possible to find places where types are not established.
 As a result, it has become possible to reduce rework due to omission of examination and to propose possible shapes.


On the Introduction of CADmeister

The starting point was acceleration of 3D mold base and full-scale design-in activities

Approximately 10 years ago, the trend toward 3D mold bases accelerated, and at the same time, so-called design-in activities, in which customers entered the product design stage and examined technologies, began to take off. This led to an in-house review of 3D CAD, which is the backbone of technical studies. CAD was required to be able to easily examine molding requirements and mold requirements on 3D data. At that time, CADmeister and other manufacturers in use, including 3D CAD, were to be compared and examined by multiple manufacturers.
Mr. Kitajima has experience using CADCEUS, can use more familiar operations than CAD of other companies, has a function to help find where molds do not exist, is strong in mold splitting, and the mold manufacturer as a business partner He was a CADmeister user and decided to introduce information sharing as an important factor.


Results using CADmeister

Investigation of molding and mold technologies can now be completed in-house, improving examination speed and accuracy

"Until then, after confirming the customer's data with the CAD of another company, we had the mold maker look at the mold requirements and communicated the examination results to the customer. If the requirements did not pass to the customer,
After the introduction of CADmeister, we were able to complete the molding and die technical studies on our own on 3D data, thereby speeding up coordination with our customers. "(Mr. Kitajima )
as a result, it took until they were man-hours and costs, reduction of rework, led to the improvement of the mold quality and product quality.


 View and Plans for the Future

I want to accelerate design-in and further develop as a proposal-based company

"In the future, we will focus on further accelerating design-in. We will carry out various verifications while also utilizing flow analysis, and propose molding and mold requirements to customers from an early stage. By doing so, we hope to further shorten lead times, reduce costs, and further raise the level of technological capabilities for that purpose.We believe that we need to further develop as a proposal-based company. "(Yamamoto Director)
"Today, technicians week for 2 to 3 days or so, enters the customer has the design-in activities. Depending on the technology's individual skills and experience, technical problems occurred In many cases, a solution cannot be presented on the spot, and the customer often takes it back to the company. I made it possible Is. "(Kitajima said)
to the further development of as a proposal-oriented company, CADmeister also in order to contribute continued, was asked to talk about the future of expectations.
"I think that CADmeister is superior to other companies' CAD in examining products. On the other hand, there are still parts that I feel dissatisfied with, such as the removal of fillets and drawing functions, but these are directly sent to SEs and developers. I think that being able to hit it is another advantage of UEL that other companies do not
have. Please be a CAD maker who can continue to talk. "(Kitajima)



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