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UEL (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

G-TEKT (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Ayutthaya Thailand)

Efforts to become center of ASEAN in the field of high rigid body technology by using reverse engineering.

G-TEKT(Thailand) is manufacturing of automotive components by using CADmeister.

"In the past, we had worked hard because modifying spring back is base on operator's skill. But after using CADmeister's spring back modifying function (PRESS-FORM-EX) and STL data editing function (STL-EDIT), operators can modeling surface easier and faster."



G-TEKT (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Ayutthaya Thailand)

104 Moo1 Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Tambol Banwha, Amphur Bangpa-In, Ayutthaya 13160 Thailand 

Assistant Manager of CAD-CAM Department
Mr.Teerapong Jirajamroonsak
General Manager of Die Division
Mr.Yoshifumi Okawa
  • User Introduction

G-TEKT (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is specializes in manufacturing of automotive components and mold.

G-TEKT, established in October 1994, started from making Mold. Then moving forward to automotive components by consistently using CADmeister software.

There are four branches in Thailand include :
-G-TEKT (Thailand) Co., Ltd. at Hi-Tech Industrial, Ayutthaya (G-TTC)
-G-TEKT Eastern Co., Ltd. at Eastern Seaboard, Rayong (G-TEC)
-G-TEKT Eastern Co., Ltd. at Gateway City Industrial, Chachoengsao (G-TEC2)
-Thai G&B Manufacturing Ltd. at Eastern Seaboard, Rayong (TGB)

And G-TEKT Eastern (G-TEC) use CADmeister software as well.


  • On the Introduction of CADmeister

Mr.Teerapong, Assistant Manager of CAD-CAM Department who has worked at G-TEKT (Thailand) more than 20 years said

"Formerly G-TEKT (Thailand) used CADCUES software. After that we changed to CADmeister when the OS had been changed to Windows, then use CADmeister up to now."

There are 3 licenses of CADmeister at G-TEKT (Thailand) consist of BASE ADVANCE, PRESS FORM-EX and STL-EDIT. All models are modified by CADmeister. Most of them are automotive internal parts of Honda.

"CADmeister help us a lot with modeling and fix spring back, especially when eliminate spring back. Using CADmeister to make CAD model. Then use that CAD data to make trial model, found the trialed model springs back. Due to spring back problem, trialed model is scanned for measurement. STL data (scanned data) is used to compare with CAD data in CADmeister. Finally bend surface (Mikumi) to fix spring back problem."


  • Why CADmeister was chosen

Before using CADmeister, it’s difficult to modify part and delay.

"We used to use CADCUES on Unix OS. But our board decided to use CADmeister instead afterward Windows OS has been released."

Moreover, Mr.Teerapong described about how difficult they had worked.

"Before PRESS FORM-EX and STL-EDIT was released, we used to section model and created new surface. This method took 1-2 days to operate. The duration depends on operator’s skill though. It is such a long time for 1 job."


  • Results using CADmeister

Fast, easily and effectively modify spring back and reduce working time.

"CADmeister mainly help us to remove spring back. It is easy and fast to twist surface as needed. The result is more effective and beautiful than other software that ever used.
Before using PRESS FORM-EX of CADmeister. Due to the difference of surfaces’ shape, it is quite hard for operators because it need specific method for each surface type. By now we decrease working time from 1-2 days to 1 hour because of PRESS FORM-EX able to create smooth surfaces."

Not only solving the intra-organization’s problems but Mr.Teerapong also advises Press Form-EX function of CADmeister to his supplier.

"In case of modify spring back at draw panel, scanning the model. The STL data (scanned data) is used to compare with original surface (CAD data). Later, use STL data and CAD data to create trim line and new surface in CADmeister. After that, creating jig and support parts. Next, do laser cutting refers to trim line. The trimmed part has high quality result. Finally do reverse engineering operation again by bending part. The result’s position is very much better.
From 1-2 days to only within 1 day, after using this idea with CADmeister. It’s much quicker. PRESS FORM-EX is extremely useful."

[Modeling data by using PRESS-FORM-EX]


  • Hopes for CADmeister Moving Forward

The most important thing of mold making is fast design process.

"If it will be able to imagine to appearance of die face from CADmeister, we capable to check or modify press direction, check undercut and do basic simulation to check where will it be cracked or had wrinkle. It will be reduced design process.

CADmeister has high performance of spring back modifying. The most important point of MOLD making is design. The fast we can finish design process, the fast other processes can be done. If we have layout, press direction and obvious simulation, it will be easy and quick for design process."


  • View and Plans for the Future

By 5-10 years in the future, Mr.Teerapong is looking for developing working plan which is more decrease working process and designing time.

"It will be easier if we will be able to clearly present projects to our customers. So we have to quickly finish every process and have image of it. The key of this work is design process.

Thinking about if we are not check press direction, undercut or wrinkle before start design process. While we are finishing around 50 percent of design process, we are just finding that whole designed stuff cannot use to make real die. We have to go back to starting point of design process again. It’s extremely waste of time. So, fast design is the most important process."



UEL Thailand

As G-TEKT(Thailand) introduced in this interview, CADmeister has been used mainly for modify spring back/Modeling function. New measures such as introducing PRESS-FORM-EX, new efforts and improvement activities are being seriously addressed.

G-TEKT group also using CADmeister globally in other bases such as Japan/China. We have also introduced CADmeister for local production/procurement in India as well. We will continue to support G-TEKT(Thailand) and G-TEKT group. (Interviewer: UEL Thailand Mr.Nishimoto)

UEL Thailand was established in 2012 as UEL's local subsidiary.
We are expanding our business to Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and India as ASEAN Hub of CADmeister's engineering solution.
Currently we work with 2 Japanese and 11 Thai staff (6 of them are support engineer)

We provide sales support system by local languages and local staff, for customers who mainly in automobile business in ASEAN, we are able to support you.

Moreover, we are expanding cooperation partner other than CADmeister such as analysis system and process management system. If you have any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


159/27 Serm-mit Tower, Unit 1701/1, 17th Floor, Sukumvit21 Road (Asoke), North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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Interviewed in November 2017
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