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CADmeister 2020 Released

3D integrated CAD / CAM system "CADmeister" New version 2020 available

By pursuing ease of use and standardization, we support quality stabilization that does not depend on worker skills.


"CADmeister 2020" released this time is based on a design renewal that adopts Color Universal Design, pursuit of ease of use aiming for efficiency improvement and stress-free environment, and 3D design support function. Supports quality stabilization that does not depend on worker skills.


The main functions enhanced in "CADmeister 2020" are as follows.


[Design renewal]

The command icon has been redesigned with a highly visible and intuitive design. The new design uses CUD (Color Universal Design) to create an operation environment that is easy for anyone to use.


[Pursuit of ease of use]

Review customer's work from various angles, improve visibility of 3D shape data and work ring for each business scene Improved boundary mode switching and input simplification. We provide a stress-free environment.


[3D design support function]

We have released features that support 3D design efficiency and design standardization.

● Excel linkage function expansion

We have expanded the design procedure that incorporates the thoughts of experts and the Excel linkage function that supports work standardization. You can now create buttons on Excel to launch CADmeister commands and Excel-linked add-ins. This function takes the shape dimension value of CADmeister as the cell value of Excel. It can be embedded and the Excel cell value can be reflected in the shape dimension value of CADmeister. It is also possible to control CADmeister file operations and display operations from Excel.

Figure 1 Example of creating a button on Excel to start a cube command


[Function for exclusive use of mold design]

We have strengthened the functions dedicated to dies for press die design and mold design.

● Ejector pin placement function

The layout of the ejector pin can now be examined at the conceptual design stage. When arranging symbols and solids and examining the position, it is also possible to examine and confirm the protruding effect of the tip shape.


Figure 2 Ejector pin placement function


● Layout design Output function for post-process of 3D data

We have released a function that allows 3D data of layout design, which is the initial study of press die manufacturing, to be used for die design in the subsequent process.


Figure 3 Utilization of 3D data for layout design


● Shape deformation function of plastic products

The expected deformation function provided as a countermeasure against spring back of press dies has been expanded so that it can also be used as a countermeasure against shape deformation of plastic products.



[NC machining function]

We have strengthened the automation of drilling by utilizing the accumulated processing know-how. By further reflecting the know-how of the processing site, it has become possible to create safer and more efficient NC data.


● Cross hole deceleration function

By automatically detecting the intersection of holed shapes such as water pipes and instructing the priority order of the shafts to be machined, the feed rate of the crossing section when drilling holes later can be reduced.

Figure 4 Tolerance hole deceleration function



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