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CADmeister V.14.0 Released

CADmeister V14.0 was developed with the keyword "promoting 3D".

3D layout study for press dies
You can now utilize 3D data from the initial process to the subsequent process.

Excel cooperation supports template design and design standardization.
In addition, we support operational efficiency in standard part creation and automatic PL line / PL surface creation for molds.

And with the automation of curved surface / drilling processing of the CAM function, while reducing the number of work steps,
Achieves stable path quality independent of worker skills.


Please cilck the following to watch CADmeister V14.0 videos


CADmeister V 14.0 Released Note


The main functions that have been enhanced in V14.0 released this time are as follows.


3D design support function

We have released the function to support the efficiency of 3D design and the standardization of design.

Standard part creation function

We have renewed the registration and placement function of parts with high diversion.
The number of man-hours required to register parts has been reduced by approximately 80%, and unit parts can now be registered.


Excel link function

Expanded link function between CADmeister and Excel as a support for standardization and template design.
Using the function added in Excel, the model XVL data preview from CADmeister can be displayed on Excel.
In addition, regarding drawing-related items, character strings written in Excel can now be reflected as CADmeister title blocks and dimensional tolerances.


Support function dedicated to Mold & Die design

We are strengthening the functions for press die design and mold design to enhance dedicated functions.

3D function for layout examination (for Press Dies)
We have released the function for 3D layout examination at the initial stage of die design.
By making the 3D layout for studying and preparing, you can use the 3D data in the post process.


Predictive deformation function (for Press Dies)

The accuracy of the deformation function has been improved as a measure against spring back.
As a result, it has become a quality that can also be used for the outer surface of predictive deformation.

Mold split function (for Plastic Mold)

Increased the success rate of the parting line / parting surface automatic creation function.
For Split piece, we added functions such as offset of division line and direction of division and improved operability.
In addition, the application range of automatic creation has been expanded by adding a parting line creating pattern.


NC processing function

Strengthen automation CAM of curved surface machining/drilling processes utilizing accumulated processing know-how. In addition, the quality of the Machined surface has been improved.

Automation of Curved surface machining / drilling processing

The machining area is automatically created according to the characteristics of the product shape and the generated machining tool path function of each area has been enhanced.
Achieves consistent path quality regarding of worker skills.


Improvement of surface quality

Calculate contact between tool and product surface option has been added to allow more accurate path points creation.

As a result, the quality of the machined surface has been improved.

Dry running function for structure machining

Output dry running data function to confirm interference between casting material and tool before output NC machining of press die structure has been renewed
Promotes safety unmanned machining.

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