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CADmeister V.13.1 patch Released

CADmeister V.13.1 patch 20190822

1. Easy_Sketch 

Solved the problem that an invalid constraint was created and the sketch could not be manipulated when the intersection point was specified as an end point or a passing point with a line, circle, rectangle, or polygon command.


2. CAM/3D Profile

Solved the problem that In [Thrust Part] and [Constant from Profile Thrust Part] Process, when CL calculation is performed in multiple areas where the areas specified for [Machining Range] and areas not specified are mixed, a system error occurs and the calculation is performed. 


3. Laser / Place Jig Command

Solved the problem that an error occurred when trying to place a jig section with an added jig hole.


4. Press/DefineParts/StandardPart CreateManipulate command

Solved the problem that 'Regenerate norminal size' was not performed correctly when there were multiple child parts.


Patch Instruction

If CADmeister is running, exit without a quick start.
Also close the job manager and data exchange.

 1. Download the file here.
  >>CADmeister V13.1 Patch<<

 2. Unzip file to get "CMPatch" folder.

 3. Right-click "1_CMBkup.bat" and select "Run as administrator".
   The file before patched is automatically backed up to the folder (_PatchBac64 / _PatchBac32) corresponding to the OS version (32bit / 64bit), and the
   resulting log file is created.
   Please wait for the window to close.

 4). Right-click "2_CMPatchMain.bat" and select "Run as administrator".

 5). A list of PC environments to which the patch is applied is displayed. Press any key to continue.
   Patch copy starts.
   * If you want to cancel applying the patch, press [Ctrl + C].


 6). When the patch copy is completed, a log file (name: login user name_date_time.log) is created in the following location.
   [CADmeister install directory]:\CRESTAM\_PatchArc
   * If an error occurs, it will be output in ”CMPatch” folder.

 7). After the message **Patching completed successfully, Close the command screen.**, Close the window

 This bug will be improved in CADmeisterV14.1.

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